Bob Williamson is an award-winning comic (the award was not for comedy). He was born in Bolton and still lives there (in a different house!). During the 1970s he released three LPs: Superturn (Sweet Folk All), Greatest Hits Volume 6 (EMI) and Still Hazy After All These Beers (EMI). In 2006, bowing to pressure from music and comedy lovers, he released all  three albums on one 35-track CD which can be obtained at this website. His TV appearances are too many to mention but the ones that are still being repeated worldwide are: The Wheeltappers & Shunters Social Club, Coronation Street, Granada News, and Phoenix Nights, His live performances have included such diverse venues as London Palladium, Hilton Hotel Dubai, Hammersmith Odeon, Hong Kong Folk Festival, and a disused scout hut outside Rotherham. Since a back injury made him cut down on travelling and touring, he writes comedy scripts for TV, radio, and fellow comics. He is 6ft 4” (worth the climb) and stubbornly clings to his 70s hippy type hairstyle. Among his current projects is finishing a TV comedy, begun with his late friend Hovis Presley, about a man travelling around Ireland using only the map on a tea towel.

I wrote the words, and Dave & June Brooks (the Dave from DAVE & BERNARD) wrote the tune. It was recorded at Strawberry Studios (while 10cc were in the pub) and the title came from the studio owner – Nick Turnbull. It’s posted here in answer to all those who’ve asked why there are no non-joke based songs on my albums. It’s because they never get released – as this one didn’t, despite the big production. Wonder if the mid-July release date had anything to do with it? HAPPY CHRISTMAS!